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7 April 2021

Press release: planning application submitted

MedwayOne: planning application submitted for new employment development at the former Kingsnorth power station site. Uniper has submitted an outline...
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CGI of proposals
3 February 2021

Press release: Have your say

Plans to regenerate former Kingsnorth power station site proposing new opportunities for Medway, Kent Uniper is bringing forward proposals to...
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MedwayOne exhibition flyer
2 February 2021

MedwayOne consultation launched

Uniper are holding a public consultation on its proposals for MedwayOne from Wednesday 3rd February 2021 to Wednesday 24th February 2021. To find out...
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As with any new potential development there are always lots of questions. We have addressed the most frequently asked questions and will continue to add new questions as they arise. If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us..

Why is there an option with and without an arena? We thought there would only be one preferred option?

The Masterplan has been designed as a framework that will allow for future change to evolve, as such it has sought to ensure that should an arena come forward that this can be accommodated. However, it’s also not certain that an organisation/business would come forward to offer to build a stadium, so it’s prudent to be flexible.

As the majority of the public liked Option 3, is it certain that this will be the one that is eventually carried forward?

No, this is not the case. The public was presented with some indicative development scenarios. It was never the case that one of the four options presented to the public would be adopted. The final Masterplan framework has sought to balance the consultation responses with technical, environmental, policy and deliverability considerations. What the public wants to see is also an important consideration but it must also be viable and deliverable.  

Why is there housing in both recommended options when this is the element which the public consultation voiced it did not want?

Housing has already been allocated for the Embankment through the Peterborough Local Plan which allocates the site at Middleholme.

What exactly do officers at Peterborough City Council now have to consider?

Officers and members will need to consider the masterplan to assess its viability and deliverability. It was not commissioned to become part of the development plan, rather as an exercise to explore the potential of the space as an asset for the city’s growth, to guide future phases of the university campus, to assess the suitability of a potential arena as proposed by Peterborough United Football Club and to complement other important developments in the city centre. In the future it could potentially inform a review of the Local Plan but this isn’t yet decided. 

What are the options for the next steps on this site following the publication of the Embankment Masterplan?

The next phase of the university is currently being planned  and there will also be an outline planning application in the next year. The results of this planning application will establish principles which will guide the long-term development of the university campus, which will provide further opportunity for skills and employment. In addition, Peterborough United Football Club has expressed a desire to submit a planning application for an arena at the Embankment – this submission is not in the control of the council.

When will a final decision on whether or not an arena will be built on the Embankment be made?

Peterborough United Football Club has expressed a desire to submit a planning application for an arena at the Embankment – this submission is not in the control of the council.  


Proposed Timetable 2021

Apr 19

Late Summer 2021

Determination of outline planning application
Apr 19

End of March 2021

Outline planning application submitted to Medway Council.

Please note, all dates and timings are subject to change.