Peterborough City Council, on behalf of the Towns Fund, has appointed independent experts to develop a masterplan (a strategy for the entire areas future) for the area.

The funding for the masterplan has come from the Government’s Towns Fund and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority. The community will play a key role in decision-making. Over the coming months we will be asking the community to participate in those conversations so we can capture your views.

What is a Masterplan? A masterplan is a long-term planning document to provide a guide for future growth and development for an area, in this case Peterborough Embankment. It will set out the vision to 2030 and will be supported by a short, medium and long term implementation plan.

Why is it needed? This area of Peterborough occupies a prime location alongside the River Nene, but it’s under-utilised and in need of attention. At present the lack of a clear plan for the area means development is not joined up. We want to take the communities views into consideration to build a better, brighter future.

Who Are the Project Team?

Peterborough Embankment Project Team